Timeless culinary art

Open every day from morning until late evening, our Bellini restaurants are home to simple luxury. This is an approachable space, bringing you authentic flavors and recipes from Italy’s many regions.

Bellini Italian Style Dining

At all of our Bellini locations, you can expect European-style service at every turn.

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4th Generation Cipriani

Italian cuisine from the esteemed family

Maggio and Ignazio Cipriani

Maggio and Ignazio Cipriani welcome you to Bellini, where they’ve thoughtfully added their own character to the culinary tradition started by Giuseppe Cirpriani in 1931. The 4th generation brothers have traveled Italy in search of dishes, flavors, and ingredients to inspire what is now a modern interpretation of Italian cuisine across the Bellini menus.

Bellini destinations offer timeless Italian fare ranging from the loved and respected traditional Cipriani dishes to newer artisan plates. Menu highlights include the signature Carpaccio, pastas, fresh salads, grilled specialties, and handcrafted pizzas, all of which are made from pure ingredients.

Honoring the approach to hospitality and service that began at Harry’s Bar in Venice, the brothers have made personalized attention offered with genuine care an integral part of the Bellini experience.

Find a Bellini Restaurant:

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Dressed lobster

With wasabi mayo, avocado & summer greens

This classic Bellini dish is lovingly made from pure ingredients and charms the senses with a fresh taste and a wasabi kick. Good for your body and good for your soul, this adored dish is delightful with every bite.

Location spotlight

Providence, Rhode Island

Welcome to the enchanting city of Providence, Rhode Island, founded in 1636, where the tapestry of history interweaves seamlessly with the vibrant pulse of modernity. This captivating city has emerged as a thriving haven for the arts, Ivy League education with esteemed institutions like the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Brown University, and a diverse culinary landscape rivaling that of Boston and New York. Beyond the urban bustle, Providence harmoniously embraces nature, with over 100 parks offering serene retreats and breathtaking green spaces. As you wander along the waterfront, a captivating panorama unfolds, showcasing the majestic beauty of Narragansett Bay, inviting you to pause and marvel at the wonders of the natural world. Located in an area brimming with history and extraordinary landscapes, Bellini Cafe offers more than just a meal. It invites you to embark on a sensory journey, where the fusion of delectable cuisine, historical surroundings, and breathtaking vistas creates an experience that transcends the ordinary.